September 22nd, 2007

Day Two

For the first time ever after a night at The Fizz I woke up without a hangover this morning.

Of course the reason for this is that I'm way protective of her and knew that it was my responsibility to get her back to her hotel safe and so I drank less and ate more all evening.

Or, it could be that I'm simply getting old and don't do The Fizz in the same way I used to do it.

Anyway, I woke up around 10:30 and then talked to Rome Girl about work stuff, how much we love each other and assorted boyfriend/girlfriend stuff. She was way impressed with me not being a zombie.

"Dude," she said, "when you told me you were going to The Fizz, I assumed you'd be Coma Boy until 4 p.m. at least."

There are hundreds of precendents for that assumption.

Anyway, I then decided to shower and get some vitamins in my system to I went out, bought phone credit and the International Herald Tribune and ambled over to The Greyhound in the Place de la Comedie for fresh squeezed lemonade.

One I finished that the owner came up to me and said, in French, "You look tired, let me get you a beer or a whiskey. It's on me."

As he said that my phone buzzed with girl and friend asking where I'd be in 30 minutes. I texted back directions to The Greyhound and told the proprietor that I'd take the beer.

The girls showed up and what they wanted to do was eat and go shopping.

I took them to The Chenerie which is both very French (which is what they asked for), very good and not very expensive.

"This cost us like one euro more than a meal like this would cost in Barcelona and it was five times better than any meal I've ever had in Barcelona," girl said.

I consider that a win.

They also would not let me pay for lunch saying, "you are totally taking care of us!'

That made me totally melt.

I then spent the next three or four hours taking them to cute little boutiques.

They particularly liked Pietra which is a jewelry store run by a silversmith where every single item is made by hand and unique, yet strangely not very expensive.

Once done they said they wanted to get chocolate milk and cookies. I honestly told them that I had no fucking clue where that could be had in Montpellier, since no one I know would even consider doing that ever.

So, I took them to the Vert Anglais and the owners found a place and gave them directions to it. I stayed and had a beer with The Iceman and Hippy IT Boy. The girls came back about a half an hour latter and The Iceman and Hippy IT Boy totally charmed them.

Afterwards they wanted to check out my apartment and chill out. So we went to the grocery store and got tons of different cheeses and sausages and humus and these frozen appetizers that are wonderful from there.

The girls looked at my DVD collection and said "Holy shit you have V for Vendetta, we've always wanted to see that!"

Since it's one of my favorite movies I was more than willing to put it on.

During the film they played with Squirt who charmed them.

"She is so soft and playful," friend said. "It's like you have a cat that will always be a kitten."

Let me tell you, if you want me to love you, compliment my cat.

I then went back to Vert Anglais where I ran into Famous Clapton Song. I owed her a couple drinks from last month so I got her a couple of Tanquery Martinis and we flirted heavily and traded banter and drank gin and then I came home.

It all put me in a good mood.