September 21st, 2007

Vert Anglais Thursday Night

The Waves shows on Thursday nights at the Vert Anglais keep getting better and better.

Last night we were there with a large group of people including The Dirty Baker, Cute Scottish Babe, Blonde Lesbian and a bunch of Scottish who are friend's of Cute Scottish Babe's eldest son.

For once the first set had no Beatles tunes in it - always a plus for me - and they did a great Bowie number, some Pearl Jam and had just learned Stairway to Heaven.

All in all a good time - if a bit bittersweet.

Blonde Lesbian has closed the restaurant and will be moving back to England to manage a bar in about two weeks. I've known this for a couple days now, but she just made it public last night - so we were all telling her how much we are going to miss her.

Blonde Lesbian has really been my rock for the past month while Rome Girl has been away - and my favorite person to sip beers with and watch babes walk by. And she spent hours dealing with my paranoia and shit when the electricity cut off and has just been an overall great friend over the years. Plus, she did an amazing job cleaning my apartment yesterday.

I'm gonna miss her - like a lot.

Don't Know What I Want But I Know How To Get It

It amuses me to no end that 30 years ago the London music mags were legally prevented from reporting that "God Save The Queen" was the number one single in England and yet today all three London Sex Pistols shows sold out in a matter of minutes.

Sometimes the outsiders really do win the game.

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DEPW(11:41:14): once this is done I'm going to go to shoppi to get food for myself for dinner and to have some food in the fridge if the girls stop by
DEPW (11:41:23): what do girls eat? should I buy a bunch of fruit?
Rome Girl (10:48:03): cheeses, grapes, dried sausages, baguette
DEPW (11:41:45): cool
Rome Girl (10:48:15): and those little hors d'oeuvres we eat
DEPW (11:42:14): for my dinner I'm going to get the pizzolinis because that way I don't use any of the clean pots or pans and only end up with one dish to wash in the sink
Rome Girl (10:48:42): ha
DEPW (11:42:40): you have no idea how hard I am trying to keep this place clean until at least one non lesbian female sees it
Rome Girl (10:49:09): ha
DEPW (11:52:12): I can't believe the canandian dollar is now worth more than the US dollar
Rome Girl (10:59:00): yeah
Rome Girl (10:59:25): i think even bartering leaves in bora bora are worth more at this point
DEPW (11:53:18): or at least as much

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