September 17th, 2007

I Rock!

I just signed a $5,700 job - the biggest in Calendar Communications history.

I have to do two to three page descriptions of 57 cites around the world explaining what tourist stuff to do during the day and where to go to find gay sex at night. I get $100 per city.

If anyone knows cool gay places in your city let me know - because the odds are more than good that your city is on the list.

I Will Kill The Lightning!

We are in the middle of a storm.

Every time a burst of lightning happens Squirt runs out onto the balcony and hisses at the sky, as though she is trying to tell the lightning to "fuck off."

Then she runs and hides in a corner in the back bedroom only to come out again at the next burst of lightning and repeat the process.

It's as though she views the lightning and thunder as an adversary she can scare off.

It may be the cutest thing I've ever seen her do.