September 15th, 2007


Last night I started sending out stern letters to my delinquent freelance clients.

One of them sent a letter saying they were sorry and then paid right away. I call that a win.

Another guy, however, responded that "my email box got so full of spam I just never noticed that you actually did the work."

This is a guy who we sent the work to in May - the day after he assigned us the job! Plus, we've been sending him emails every couple of weeks since then. I seriously find it hard to believe that not once did he think to himself, "Hey, I wonder what happened to that sales letter."

And... it's not like he just emptied his email and deleted the file - because the work was done on Elance and attached permanently to his job board.

Please, if you are going to screw me on a payment give me a reasonable fucking story at least. Tell me you got sick. Say you went bankrupt. Fuck, tell me you are broke and didn't realize you couldn't afford it.

But don't fucking blame your spam filter.

Home Sweet Home

Today Rome Girl and I are trying to figure out the easiest and cheapest way for her to get back to Montpellier in a couple of weeks.

There used to be a real cheap flight from Rome to Marseilles on RyanAir, but they no longer operate that route. I assume that some other carrier must have taken it over, but we can't figure out which one.

The best we've found so far is a cheap flight from Venice to Marseilles - but of course we have to then figure out how much it will cost her to train or bus to Venice.

These are the type of jobs I like.