September 14th, 2007

Vert Anglais Montpellier Music

Once again The Waves played an awesome set at the Vert Anglais last night.

It's a pretty good deal, you can get cheap pints of beer from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. and the band starts playing around 9:30. The lead singer looks like a younger Kirk Hammett and the guitarist could pass for Wentworth Miller's brother or cousin.

They play a lot of different types of stuff from The Police to The Rolling Stones to The Eagles to The Beatles.

Also they are friendly guys who'll talk to you about anything and they know a lot about the history of music.

They do gigs every Thursday.

I strongly recommended dropping by one night to check it out.

New Sign At The Grocery Store

Apparently, the local grocery store finally saw the wisdom of telling people up front about the weird restrictions on bottled booze during the world cup.

So now there is a sign saying, I shit you not:

"Sorry to inform you that if you would like beer or wine in glass containers you need to visit us before 2 p.m. After 2 p.m. we have a wide selection of aluminum, plastic and cardboard containers for your convenience. Our cardboard wine is second to none."

Who Exploits Who?

This story has been making the rounds today.

It's the old story of the chicken or the egg. The story starts with the essential premise that guys want to see tits (I guess the writer never heard of gay men.)

It then points out that lots of young lassies will voluntarily send pictures of their tits to magazines, pull up their shirts in public and in general make their mammary glands fit for public consumption .

Then it says that since lots of women do this, women in general shouldn't bitch about men objectifying them since clearly lots of women want to be objectified.

Now, I love looking at tits. And I love the fact that I can go online and find women willing to show their tits. I like it even more when women I know are willing to show me their tits.

But.... guess what, that doesn't mean that female objectification is always cool.

It means that if a girl gets off on showing her tits and a guy gets off on seeing her tits that's cool.

But, in general it's better if both sides see the entire person. No matter how much I like going on Fleshbot and seeing cute naked girls I'm always 100 times more turned on seeing the tits of a girl I've talked to a bit either online or offline - because at the end of the day nipples mean more if I have some sort of connection to the girl.

Also, simply because some girls are willing to show off their tits to random scumdudes doesn't mean that every other girl in the world should have to put up with "show us your tits bitch."