September 13th, 2007

Post Game Wrap Up

Rome Girl is very, very happy with me today.

It seems that she figured that my general phobia of new places and things would keep me from actually getting to the Rugby World Cup Match. Or that if I did go I'd have to drink myself to the point of getting beyond my phobia and/or have some sort of manic episode.

So apparently the fact that I was sane and somewhat sober when she called me after the game has made her "very proud" of me.

"You know," I said. "Most guys get shit from their wives and girlfriends when they blow off work to go to a game."

"The difference," said said. "Is that I am not like most women and are you are not like most guys."

Math Is Hard

The episodes of CSI that I downloaded last night are subtitled in a language that looks like math.

Some of the words look like normal words but then other words have numbers in the middle of them - often a letter and then a small numeral beside it. For example, one of words appears to be "Jecha to the third power" (i.e. there is a tiny three up and to the right of the A in "Jecha."

Anyone have any clue what language this might be?


So, Jezebel managed to get an interview with Mystery the dude who is The Pick Up Artist on VH1.

It's hysterical.

This is my favorite quote from Mystery:

"One of the things I find myself enjoying is licking a girl's ass. I feel like I'm owned by her, and simultaneously owning her in a weird way, and it's a weird symbolism when you watch two girls do it and nothing gets me harder. I can be an intellectual, but I'm bound by the human condition. It also appears that millions and millions of human beings feel the same way. Just type in "ass licking" on Google and see what you'll find.

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