September 12th, 2007

WeCould Have Won!

So, when you see it in person you realize that Rugby is American Football on meth.

Like there are no time outs or downs or anything. When they say "40 minutes of play per half" they mean 40 minutes per half.

Also, as far as I could tell as long as you don't grab a dude by the neck you can do whatever the fuck you want to in order to get the ball away from the mother fucker.

What's really awesome, however, is how nice the crowd is to everyone. Like so much cooler than the crowd at a Giants or Mets game.

It was like being with a crowd at a symphony orchestra. A lot of cool serious guys looking at an artform they appreciated.

Our team was great at getting through the Tongan defense.

We simply lacked one basic skill - we were rarely able to catch the ball when we threw laterals.


Still, holy fuck is it fun to be at a World Cup Match!

CSI : Montpellier

Actual dialogue from Season Seven Episode One of CSI

"Are you taking any medication?"

"Yes, Alprazolam."

"Well then we can't trust a thing you say."


"Sir, you'll have to come to the station."

This is funny because Alprazolam is Xanax.

1. Why don't they just call it Xanax?

2. Will I really have to "go down to the station" at some point because I use it?

You Are A Shooting Star

Kanye West apparently went nuts on the MTV people the other day saying that Britney should not have been able to open the video music awards because "she hasn't had a hit record in years."

What the fuck does that have to do with it?

You know what, neither has Axl Rose, but I bet if Guns N Roses were willing to premiere a Chinese Democracy single that MTV would let them open the awards.

The Who hasn't had a new record in more than 20 years but if they wanted to play I bet they'd get a good spot too.

Ditto Mick and Keith.

The thing is stars are stars - and once you are a real star it doesn't matter if you are bald or old or manic or fuck 13 year old boys, you are a star and people are interested in you.

Someday, Kanye, you may be a star. So far, however, you are just a dude with hit records.


P.S. Do you think it must suck for Roger Daltry to have to sing sad songs about Pete's life?

Private Practice

We have exactly two weeks to go until we can see Addison without having to deal with Meridith.

I think I may make that Wednesday night a personal holiday of love for Ms Shepherd.

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