September 11th, 2007


Six years ago today I was working online at home when a CNN news alert came over reading "Airplane crash reported in downtown Manhattan."

I then went to and the site wouldn't load. Neither would any of the other American news sites. A few minutes later I made my way to Fitzpatrick's Irish Pub and got them to put CNN on their Sky Box.

What a sad, sad day.

Five years ago today my wife told me she was leaving me. She got on the plane the next day - which would have been our four year anniversary.

Today I was talking to Rome Girl on the phone. She's nervous, because her apartment there is right in the flight path for the airport and when she hears plane's go overhead it sends chills down her spine.

For most of the past few years I haven't been able to do anything on this date.

But today I'm sitting here getting work done, looking at porn and talking to friends, just like it was any other day.

I'm getting better.

Slowly, but surely I'm getting better.


Dear Manager Of Montpellier Shoppi

I'm very sorry that the town government has made it against the law for you to sell bottles of beer for the next two weeks because they are afraid that rugby fans can not be trusted with non metal containers.

But, here is a thought - you would save yourself a lot of trouble and not have to get in fights with people several times a night if you took the bottled beer off the shelf during the time you are not allowed to sell it.

Also, if you put up a sign near the bottled beer saying "Sorry, you can't buy this" that would help.

But, personally being told after waiting more than 45 minutes in line behind a bunch of fucking drunk rugby tourists when I just wanted to buy some pasta sauce, penne, cat food and a six pack of beer that I had to leave the line and start over again because I was breaking the law by trying to buy a six pack of bottles instead of cans that I picked up off your shelf pisses me off.

I found your explanation of "Well if you read the local newspaper you would have known not to try to buy bottled beer" to be a bit ridiculous.

So, fuck you.



Two Brothers Talking

LiLmOnKeYFiGHteR (17:11:24): so any plans to come visit good old USA any time soon
bcalendar (18:05:30): if mom ever calms down, yes
LiLmOnKeYFiGHteR (17:11:48): so no
LiLmOnKeYFiGHteR (17:12:00): cause mom doesnt ever calm down
bcalendar (18:06:12): actually probably next year
LiLmOnKeYFiGHteR (17:12:26): i cant believe your almost 40
bcalendar (18:06:32): it's harder for me to believe
LiLmOnKeYFiGHteR (17:12:49): i bet
bcalendar (18:07:34): they say you are only as old as how you feel and act and honestly I don't feel like an almost 40 year old and don't act like one
LiLmOnKeYFiGHteR (17:14:03): true
bcalendar (18:07:59): no matter my age, I'm just bart, you know?
bcalendar (18:08:06): you don't change, really
LiLmOnKeYFiGHteR (17:14:28): yea
LiLmOnKeYFiGHteR (17:15:01): well when you come visit i'll get you a nice new walker and we can go feed the ducks or whatever u elderly people like to do