September 9th, 2007


I'm currently downloading Season One of Dexter.

Is there anything I should know before I watch the show?

I read one of the books and thought it was amusing, though it clearly owed a lot to Patrica Highsmith's character Tom Ripley.

I'm also currently rereading Brett Easton Ellis' Lunar Park.

I love the way he describes, in the prologue, the reaction he got when American Psycho first came out:

"I was taken seriously. I was a joke. I was avant-guard. I was a traditionalist. I was underated.I was overrated. I was innocent. I was partly guilty. I had orchestrated the controversy. I was incapable of orchestrating anything. I was considered the most misogynist American writer in existence. I was a victim of the burgeoning culture of the politically correct. The debates raged on and on, and not even the Gulf War in the spring of 1999 could distract the public's fear and worry and fascination from Patrick Bateman and his twisted life. I made more money than I knew what to do with. It was the year of being hated."

Talk about a nice fucking economy of language. And the rhythm of that paragraph astounds me. It sounds even better if you read it out loud.

Sometimes, I really love the use of language.


Tonight I bought a four pack of Nestle Chocolate Mouse (Pudding).

Squirt like almost attacked me when I opened the one I was going to eat so I gave her her own.

I don't think I've ever seen her happier in her life.

Like, I didn't know it was possible for a cat to purr loudly and eat at the same time.