September 5th, 2007

I'm Alive

Sorry for no updates lately.

Due to a series of fuck ups and general retardedness on the parts of both Rome Girl and I, I've had no electricity since Monday morning.

The deal is we thought they were direct debiting the electric bill for the past year and they were not and we were dorks and didn't notice. So, they turned us off and wanted more than a grand to get turned back on again.

As you can imagine it took us some time to organize that much money - particularly with Monday being a holiday.

I had a mini breakdown over this and have been spending lots of quality time with my doctor and I seem to be better now.

We paid the electric company this morning and I'm hoping that the lights and computer will be turned back on Thursday. Nothing in France ever goes according to plan, however, so there is a chance I won't be on until Friday.

Rome Girl has written a comic book about the situation on her LJ. I think it's public at incuidicetutto

I miss you guys!



Once the power gets turned back on how long do you think I have to wait before having a hot shower?

Other than the Internet thing, the prospect of having hot, rather than cold, water caress my body while I rub soap over myself is what I crave the most.

An hour?

Two hours?

Three hours?

How long does it take for a hot water heater to heat up? It's about 36 inches around and about four feet tall, if that information helps.

Question Number 2

I had two pork chops in my freezer before this power outage happened Monday.

I have not opened the fridge at all since.

If the power comes back on tomorrow will the pork chops still be good or should I chuck them?