September 2nd, 2007

Tonight's Menu

Pork chops cooked with mustard, curry, herb de provance, taragon and pastis.

I'll bake the pork chops dry on the outside for the last two minutes and then put the sauce over pene.


Man, is Saw the awesomest of awesome.

It's been a while since a film really pulled a "gotcha" on me with the ending.

I think Saw proves that all you really need to make a cool kick ass film is one, and exactly one, really good idea. That's why The Usual Suspects works. That's why The Sixth Sense (and nothing that fuckwit director did since) works. That's why Killing Zoe works and it's why Saw works.

I'm about to watch Saw 2 - though I seriously doubt they'll be able to pull it off a second time around.

UPDATE: Saw II suckered me as well. Now I'm wondering if they can maintain this through Saw III.

The Anti Alarm Clock

Squirt has figured out that when Rome Girl isn't here I go to bed around 2:30 or 3. So, every night a little after 2:30 she jumps off my lap and runs into the bedroom.

About 15 minutes later she then runs back into the living room, meows at me and then walks back into the bedroom.

If it gets to be 3 she comes back out and hisses a little bit and then goes back in.

It's like a reverse snooze alarm.