August 27th, 2007


My stepmom's personal assistant who is also her best friend from high school has a melanoma that has spread to her Lymph nodes.

"This could devastate your mother," my dad said to me this morning. "She doesn't deal with these types of things well."


For all the bullshit and fighting we do I wish I could transport myself to New Jersey and give her a big hug right now.


Usually when I do one of these Gay Guides to a given city it's hard to find the information I need online - since most countries and cites don't go out of their way to promote where to find man on man action, tips on the most popular cruising parks or how to find a rent boy.

But, holy mother of fuck, when you type "San Francisco Gay Tourism" into Google you get the opposite problem. I have way too many sites to choose from for my research today!

Just had a long good conversation with Rome Girl. Nothing definite yet but she's thinking about coming back mid September and asked me to set aside some money for her (eventual) ticket.

She also has a plan for when she comes home. Instead of hanging out with me and my friends all the time she's going to venture out on her own, find new places to hang out, try to meet new people and then show me her discoveries.

"I got lost in you and yours," she said. "I needed to realize that I needed to be with you but still be myself. I miss you, I miss my apartment and I miss the stupid cat."

"Take your time, come back when you are ready," I said. "I think you are on the right track, but don't rush it. If you come back then, that's fine. If you come back in October, that's fine. Me, the cat and the apartment will still be here when you get back."

My dad just chilled out on his birthday.


In researching San Francisco tourism this afternoon I'm discovering that the Haight area of the city is apparently no longer cool alternative land.

Of course the tourist websites could be blatantly lying but they are sure making it sound like it's become yuppie heaven.


CNN BREAKING NEWS - Embattled U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales intends to resign, senior
administration officials tell CNN.

Mikey Likes It

Since Rome Girl left Squirt has been dismissive of the wet food I've given her.

This worries me, because she's a cute female who curls up on my chest and tucks her head in my neck while she and I sleep - so I consider her a friend and I want my friends to eat well.

So, tonight when I was at the grocery store - mostly because I was out of food for her - I noticed a sale of six cans of albacore tuna for eight bucks. And, I decided that "Fuck it. She misses La Bella Roma, that's almost a week of treats for her."

Does it go without saying that once I presented her with the tuna in a crystal bowl she sniffed it and walked away?

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This month in Spin Magazine, as I've noted before, they talk to the mightly Glenn Danzig.

For better or for worse, whether you like The Misfits or Danzig or what not, you have to admit that something was happening back there in 1977 or 1978 or so and that in some way it effects what you hear on the radio today.

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I haven't been able to get the full issue here, so what I'm relying on is other internet people reporting what Glenn says.

At one point they ask him what it was like to be there as a dude from fucking Lodi, New Jersey somehow helping to invent punk music.

"It was like holding an atom bomb in your hand," he says.

They the follow up to ask him what he thinks about punk bands today.

"What irritates me are bands that pretend they've never heard of the Misfits or Danzig, but they've got the skeleton shirt," he says.

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