August 24th, 2007

A Plan

Talked to Rome Girl today and suggested that if she really wants us to eventually live in Rome it would be a good idea for her to make a plan to make it happen rather than just hope and pray it happens at some point.

Then we could go over the plan together, figure out what we can do and can't do and move forward on it together.

She seemed to like this idea.

It also seems like she's in some weird guilt spiral where she feels bad that she's not here with me, but also knows she's not ready to come back, but is also worried that I'll get tired of waiting for her.

I told her to take all the time she needs and not sweat it - and that if anything if she gets stressed out she'll defeat the entire purpose of taking a break.

Plus, she calls or emails or both every day, so it's not like she's not a part of my life. She's my woman - and that's an element of emotional fact and not physical geography.

She seems vaguely surprised at how patient I'm being, but my general feeling is that I'm in this for the long haul and while I'm not going to go running to Rome anytime soon, I'm happy to let her take all the time she needs to get her head sorted out.

If You Want To Plug Your Favorite Gay Bar...

I've been hired by a gay porn client to write an article about "where to go if you are a gay tourist in Manhattan."

I can get a lot of this stuff online, but if anyone knows a particular bar/club/bookstore that they would like plugged just send me the info and I'm happy to do it.

If you are closeted or whatever simply send the name and address to

I promise to not look at the email address at all.