August 22nd, 2007

Bad Bathroom

I think the toilet is angry with me.

Why, you may ask.

Because when Rome Girl is here every time I finish a roll of toilet paper another one magically appears in there before the next time I have to take a shit.

Lately, that magic has not been happening.

I wonder how long it will hold out on me?

A Great Day

Woke up to text messages from Rome Girl apologizing to me. Then got an apologetic phone call from her.

This never happens. Usually I'm the one on that end.

Yeah me!

After that I finally broke through my writers block after two weeks and got some good writing done on the new pussy book.

Then, the estate money cleared into the account so I'll be able to pay the rent tomorrow.

And then I went to meet Blond Lesbian at Vert Anglais and my doctor was there (my MD, not my shrink)

He proceeded to tell me that my check up the day before went so well that he wanted to buy me drinks. He bought me two Tanquary martinis and one gin and tonic.

Then, he bummed a cigarette off me.

Usually my doctors tell me to not drink and smoke. This is why I love this man.

Now I'm home. Because honestly my luck has held out so well today that I'm scared to be out anymore.