August 20th, 2007


Got some work done and watched Battlestar Galactica during the day until Brunette Lesbian called me up.

She's back to living in the basement of the restaurant and wanted to know if she could use my shower. I dropped off the spare set of keys and went off to Bar St. Roch so she could have some privacy.

There I met up with The Iceman and Blond Lesbian and we chatted about shit until Brunette Lesbian called and said that she had decided not to shower because she ran into the girl she's playing with and had accidentally locked the keys in the restaurant.

I am so worried about that girl and so glad I gave her the spare set and not the main set of keys.

Then I went home and responded to some emails and watched more Battlestar Galactica - 10 episodes to go in Season 3!

Today The Iceman and I are meeting Blond Lesbian at the Vert Anglais because she has a crush on one of the waitresses and wants to look at her and get dreamy.


The temperature dropped enough overnight so that when I go out I'll be able to wear my normal "uniform" of dark pants, button down shirt and dark sports jacket.

This makes me so happy.

I sorta feel like a new man.