August 19th, 2007


Had insomnia that kept me up talking to pretty people on IM and listening to music til about 7 a.m. Friday night/Saturday morning so on Saturday I slept until like 2:30.

I bid on some jobs and watched a bit of Battlestar Galactica and then went to the store and stocked my fridge up with groceries. Started marinating pork chops in worchessticire (sp?) sauce and honey and went back out into the world.

No one was really around which was fine with me. I brought my book with me and had one drink at Bar St. Roch, one at Mi Barrio and a gin and tonic at the Vert Anglais. It was nice and sunny out and it felt great to just nurse drinks and look at words.

Then I came home, cooked dinner and watched more Battlestar Galactica. All in all a good day.

Cat Psychology

For the past three weeks every time I'm done laundry, changed the sheets, used a broom or washed a cat bowl, my cat, Squirt, has gone fucking mental with loud hissing and screaming and generally acting nuts until I've completed the task.

Do you think this is because

1. Squirt is not a feminist and thinks that this shit should wait until the human female comes home.


2. She's like "I know you. You don't do this shit. What the fuck is happening?'


3. "I like Rome Girl but if you are doing this stuff maybe Rome Girl isn't coming back!"


4. She just wants to bitch.


5. Something I have not thought of.