August 17th, 2007

Place Your Bets

The new parkinson's drug, Requip carries this warning: "tell your doctor if you experience new or increased gambling."

I want to know how the fuck they discovered this side effect.

Also, imagine this conversation, "Honey, I've beat Parkinsons! But, the casino now owns our house."

Call Me Baltar

DEPW (11:36:13): the problem with battlestar galactica is that the cylons are so hot I want them to win even though they are the bad guys
DEPW (11:37:07): like this is the leader of the bad guys
DEPW (11:37:10):
DEPW (11:37:33): and this is a cylon warrior
DEPW (11:37:35):
DEPW (11:39:29): and the leader of the good guys is edward james olmos
DEPW (11:39:34): I mean, who are you going to root for?
Rome Girl (10:46:26): ha
DEPW (11:42:10):
DEPW (11:42:17): that's the cylon general
Rome Girl (10:48:06): yes i know
DEPW (11:42:59): like if she dies at the end of the series, I might be a little sad
DEPW (11:43:08): like I know she's trying to exterminate the human race
DEPW (11:43:11): but I think I'd help her


If you don't give your cat wet food for four days and suddenly give it to her, man does she appreciate it.

Not only did she eat the entire can in like 45 seconds, she's practically been making love to my leg ever since.


Money dwindling.

Emailed my dad to find out what was up.

He said that my step mom had come home to New Jersey on Thursday night but that he was in New Hampshire. He went on to say that everyone, other than me, who was waiting to inherit money had tried to call her and she was simply not picking up the phone. Those people then called him and he had to say "I've got no clue."

I did some pro bono work for Rome Girl's cousin and then went out and ran into The Iceman. We went over to the Vert Anglais and talked to the band that was going to play later on. They knew the chords to Hotel California, but not the words. The Iceman, Nick the Greek and I then spent the next hour trying to figure out the words off the top of our heads.

I then went to go home but ran into Coma White and The Dirty Baker. Coma White loaned me 20 euros on the condition that I spend it hanging out and flirting with them.

We then went back to Vert Anglais and watched the band, who was excellent, run through a series of popular songs.

Then, the coolness happened.

They played Hotel California exactly how we had taught them and the crowd went nuts and sang along and the Iceman, Nick the Greek and I felt like kings of the world.

And then I went home and fed my cat.

I Speak For My People


My name is Meowrworseoweds.

But, you hairless apes know me as "Squirt" (a demeaning name if I ever heard one!)

Anyway, normally I keep my own counsel and stay on the kiternet.

But, I'm annoyed.

One of my apes (who I call Massive Mamaries) left a while ago.

The other one (who I call Squirts On Mamaries) gives me what can only be described as dried spiced dirt to eat.

What's worse is the awful program he watches.

Now, Catstory tells us that every time apes have tried to travel any long distance in a ship they have died - unless cats have been aboard.

We keep out disease, calm your spirits and make your life worth living - all in exchange for a few fish.

And yet, I have yet to see one example of a feline on Battlestar Galatcica.

This is obvious racist canine propoganda.

Long live the cylons!