August 15th, 2007

F4F - Montpellier Lesbian Looking For Love

The Newly Single Blond Lesbian has decided to start Internet dating. She's going to join as many sites as possible in order to "spread the wealth" and up her chances of pulling down some cute babe's panties.

Anyway, as part of that effort she asked me to post her pictures and little bit about her.

She's a cool babe in her early 40s who likes old fashioned rock and roll, dancing, clubs and drinking beer while looking at girls. She's not heterophobic at all - in fact her ideal date at this point would be with a girl who is "mostly straight" but looking for a first (or second or third time) with a woman. More experienced girls are welcome as well, she just wants to make it clear that she has nothing against baby dykes, girls who are experimenting and even virgins. On the other hand if you just want to bang a girl to turn your boyfriend on she considers that gross.

She's up for one night stands, as well, with girls who are on vacation, traveling through the area, etc... No one with a penis should apply.

Anyway, post a comment if you think she's cute and if you want her email address drop me a line and I'll forward it to you.

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