August 14th, 2007


Got woken up by Rome Girl around 11:30 with a technical problem. She'd edited a document and then tried to trash the orginal and keep the edited version. Of course, once she hit "empty trash" she realized she'd trashed the edited version and kept the original.

So, I explained the concept of "data recovery."

Then I bid on some jobs and responded to some questions from potential clients and tried to outline the new pussy book.

Finally sent my dad an email asking what is going on with the estate since we were supposed to find out on Friday if it was settled or not and get an estimate on when we get our money.

Took a Battlestar Galatica break and eventually went out to meet Blond Lesbian and The Iceman at Vert Anglais. The staff had seen my review of the Vert Anglais and were very happy with me.

Went home to get a message from my dad who says that my step mom hasn't told anyone what happened with the estate because she thinks we are all "greedy." She's aparently off on a consulting gig until Thursday and says she will "consider" discussing the estate when she gets back.

I call shenanigans!

My dad thinks it probably got settled. Rome Girl thinks so too, she thinks my step mom just likes getting attention and fucking with people.

Then watched more Battlestar Galatica and went to bed.

From The Freelance Job Boards

Project Description
I need an article written about what one could wear when eloping. Both men's and women's attire should be considered. Links to sites where one could purchase the clothes in advance would be included in the article. Article is being written for an upcoming site about how to plan to Elope.

To which, I'm tempted to respond, "Dude if you are preparing for it and worrying about your clothes and ordering shit online for it, it's not an elopment! It's a fucking wedding!!!"

The Name Game

Emma turned 18 recently and as such Emma's Sexy Mom wants a new blog nick name.

I told her I'd open up the forum to suggestions. He real name is Allison and this is her picture. She's a divorced mom of an 18 year old daughter and a son who is about 16. She's an old school punk rock chick from England. She was in a coma for a little over a month earlier this year after a head injury. She's one of the only people in our group with regular employment (she's a school teacher.)

Go nuts!

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