August 10th, 2007


When a freelance client says to you, say on a Thursday morning, "Great job! I'm going to settle the invoice soon" when can you send a polite email asking when "soon" is? Say it's almost 3 p.m. on a Friday and you are running out of cash?

Just a hypothetical situation of course.

UPDATE: Just sent an email reading, "Hi, did you get my invoice yesterday? Thanks, Bart."

Last night I thought I was just going out for one pint while reading a book. Soon, however I was joined by The Dirty Baker, Pregnant Miss Darling, Hippy IT Boy and The Non Jewish Carpenter.

I ended up having about five pints and a rocking good time.

Then, I came home and made pasta with white wine and boneless skinless chicken breast, which sobered me up.

I watched a horror movie and drank coca-cola and thought about how it's sorta fun to play no responsibility bachelor boy for a while.

In theory I might get a $4,000 inheritance check in a couple days, which would make the current work drought a lot easier to deal with. But, I can't be sure. Apparently the judge, after nearly a year, is supposed to rule today on whether the estate is "settled." Given the number of lawyers involved almost everyone agrees that it should go through without a hitch.

But, no one seems sure what that means about the disbursement of cash. My dad said he thought that meant we'd all get money on Monday or Tuesday. My step mom at first said she thought that meant it would be another month or two, then said she wasn't sure and it could be next week or could be a lot longer.

I ran into the landlord today and he asked when Rome Girl would be home from Italy. Because her name's on the lease and mine isn't and he's a very "correct" French guy, he never, ever asks me for the rent money. I didn't really have a good answer - since saying I dunno, maybe mid September would not have gone over well. I just said something to the effect of "oh, maybe the end of next week?"

Clearly, if I don't get some jobs or the family money I'm going to have to plan to not be in the apartment next Friday.