August 9th, 2007


On the chance that it might be raining next and I might be broke I want to start downloading a bunch of movies and TV series to have on hand just in case.

To give you a sense of what I am looking for, I just started downloading:

1. The Devil's Rejects - because as far as I can tell Rob Zombie can do no wrong.

2. Season One of Battlestar Galactica - because geeks who like the same type of geek culture that I do say it's good.

What would you guys recommend?

I don't usually like comedies - though I did like both The Aristocrats and Clerks 2. I hate both the type of comedies that are popular in America (Dodgeball, There's Something About Mary, the Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler ovres, etc..) and the UK (Little Britain, Borat, Mr. Bean.) I like funny plays on words, particularly for shock value. I just don't find it funny if the joke is someone walks funny, is lying about something and will eventually get caught or that the people involved are dumb/clueless or being taken advantage of.

I like geek stuff, but tend to find almost any film based on a comic book to be a snore fest. I love horror films, particularly if they can make me laugh in a "Jason X" kinda way, movies about mobsters, lesbianesque movies, but not porn type lesbians, more like "Bound", and noiresque stuff. I thought "Wild Things" and "Palmetto" were awesome.

I like some geek stuff, i.e. Star Wars and Harry Potter, but hate Dr. Who and Star Trek.

When it comes to TV shows I'll watch almost anything with clifhanger endings. My recent favorites being 24, Alias and Prison Break. I'm also partial to anything involving strong willed redheads in their mid 30s to mid 40s (think Marcia Cross and Addison Sheppard - I want to give Addison like 10,000 babies.)

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What's out there?



You Need A Reason?

I almost posted about this the other day, but then Jezebel, Gawker, Fleshbot and a couple other sites all beat me to it and I figured "Fuck, this will just bore the shit out of people who have read it 100 other places."

But, it's becoming the Internet Story That Will Not Die.

The deal is a bunch of researchers got together and initially decided that there exist only 237 reasons for humans to have sex. Then some psychologists jumped on and decided that, no, there were actually 277 reasons to have sex.

I am not making this up.

Anyway, today, the Paper of Record, The Fucking Grey Lady, The Salzburg Sheet known as the New York Times has decided to publish the additional 40 reasons to have sex.

They include, I shit you not, "28. Because I wanted to get my money’s worth."

Do with this what you will.


P.S. I sure hope one of the reasons is "Because she said yes."

P.P.S. Jezebel now has a new post about it. I've added my suggestions to the comments section including "Because Eddie Murphy swore he'd support me and my baby." and "Tom's agent and the theatans were worried about the gay rumors."


For the past four months Rome Girl and I have had a running argument.

The basis of it is this:

Rome Girl: Ellen Pompeo is Satan

Drunk Ex Pat Writer: No. She's just playing a character. Meredith Grey is certainly Satan, but you can't blame the actress for the character.

Rome Girl: Fuck you. If any other actress played Meredith we wouldn't be praying for her death at the end of every episode.

After reading this article I have to admit Rome Girl is right.

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The Devil's Rejects

Holy Mother of fuck did I just watch a good movie.

If you have any love of horror or exploitation films in your soul contact Netflix right now and order The Devil's Rejects.

I can't remember the last time I saw a film that was so good I could not think of anything about it to bitch about or make fun of. Seriously. I like to bitch. If I could think of any flaw in this movie, I'd bring it up.

Of course, it's violent as all hell. But, that's not a complaint. It's a film about a group of homicidal Satanists on the run from a crazy homicidal cop. If it wasn't violent as all hell it wouldn't be doing it's job.

Still, in between the violence it takes the time to explain exactly what's wrong with The Marx Brothers, goes into detail about why you should never talk shit about Elvis to a Texas Sheriff and documents the importance of Tutti Frutti Ice Cream.

This movie is what I thought Grindhouse was going to be like. Imagine Grindhouse if Rodriguez and Tarantino didn't feel any studio pressure to let the audience in on the gag and instead trusted the audience to get the joke.

That's what The Devil's Rejects is.

Plus, it has a great soundtrack and the best satire of Thelma and Louise I have ever seen.

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