August 6th, 2007

Like The Sun

It was so hot last night it was hard to sleep - and then the cat started going into heat making it hotter.

I woke up today and talked with Rome Girl who seems to be having a very fun time in Rome!

Then I sent out bids on jobs. The landlord stopped by and I told him we'd have the rent around the 15th - so I hope we sign some stuff soon!

Blond Lesbian wants to try to flirt with the waitress at Vert Anglais so she and I are going to head over there this afternoon - figuring that's less obvious than if she shows up on her own.

She went camping with Gay English Boy yesterday and they took some bikini shots of her - because she wants to get an Internet dating profile up.

She's promised to send some of them to me - and I promised her in return that I'd post them here for any lesbian, bi or bi curious straight girls who might be up for a tumble.

She's particularly interested in mostly straight girls looking to experiment.

Sondheim Musical Reference

Talked for a bit with Rome Girl on email this afternoon and then went and met Blonde Lesbian and Lancelot's Babe at Vert Anglais so that the Lucius One could try to flirt with the young waitress there.

After a couple drinks we all realized it was futile and went off to Bar St. Roch where we met up with The Dirty Baker, Emma's Sexy Mom and The Iceman.

When we first sat down we were short a chair so we asked this German dude who was sitting alone at a table if we could grab one of those chairs.

He said, "Ok." But like a half hour later his wife and two small children turned up. At this point he stood up and pointed at us and said, in English, "I own that chair."

"How much did you pay for it," I asked.

That said, none of us really wanted to get into a fight with a German. After all, we were surrounded by French people and aware of history.

So, we gave him the chair and instead talked loudly in English about how much we love Israel and how the Rhineland really should be French and the different ways we've noticed that Hessians seem to always follow orders.

Surprisingly, the family finished their drinks and left quickly and we got our chair back.

Afterwards Blond Lesbian and I went off to get a kebab and then I went home to watch the first episode of The Company.

I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. It's beautifully filmed and has some dramatic moments. But, I do happen to know a bit about the central character Kim Philby and can say that the producers are pointlessly making shit up about the guy.

I say pointlessly because the dude's life is fascinating as it was really lived - so I don't get the point in trying to add drama to it. Philby stands on his own.

We'll see how this mini series progresses, however, before passing judgement.


Has anyone else heard about this dude Mystery?

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His essential deal is that he used to be a magician, but now he makes money teaching guys how to "pick up chicks."

The general message is to dis the girl out at first and make her think you are not interested - so that she'll want you.

He calls these, "negs."

This has led to one of the funniest Gawker posts and comments I've ever seen.

The best comment so far is "I would imagine telling a woman that one is a former professional magician is the all-time best "neg."