August 5th, 2007


Slept until 2 p.m. - which never happens!

That said I'm usually woken up by noticing the absence of a girl in my bed and since that is the norm at the moment, this should not be surprising.

Spent an hour or so bidding on new jobs and then watched more West Wing. Also, started downloading Seasons 2 and 3 of 24, because while I own those DVDs I can't remember who the fuck I lent them out to.

Then spent roughly an hour wrestling with the cat.

Around 5:30 I got tired of hanging out at home so I grabbed one of my favorite books, White Jazz, and went out to read and get a drink.

White Jazz is one of these books that I've read about 6 or 7 times. Every six months or so I pick it up again and I always see something new in it.

It also has the best opening and closing of any book I've ever read.

This is the first paragraph (and I've kept the capitalization and punctuation from the text) :

All I have is the will to remember. Time revoked/fever dreams - I wake up reaching, afraid I'll forget. Pictures keep the woman young. L.A. fall 1958. Newsprint: link the dots - the story stays dispersed. The names are dead or too guilty to tell. I'm old, afraid I'll forget: I killed innocent men. I betrayed sacred oaths. I reaped profit from horror. Fever - that time burning. I want to go with the music - spin, fall with it.

And this is the last paragraph:

Tell me anything. Tell me everything. Revoke our time apart. Love me fierce in danger.

Anyway after reading about 100 pages of White Jazz, Blonde Lesbian and English Gay Boy showed up and we had a bunch of pints, talked about the cute asses that were walking by and pretty much celebrated the fact that while we are damaged people, we are, against all odds, alive.

Now I'm cooking pork chops in Riesling and honey.