August 4th, 2007

Good Boy

Took it easy on my first night on my own.

Started off having a pint with Blond Lesbian at Bar St. Roch. Then headed off to Vert Anglais for one of their awesome Tanquery and Tonics with The Iceman.

Then it was off to Mi Barrio for three pints with Emma's Sexy Mom, The Dirty Baker and a pregnant Miss Darling.

Finally, on the way home I stopped off and had one beer with Brunette Lesbian.

All in all a social, but fairly sober evening.


Woke up somewhere around noon and bid on jobs and responded to emails about existing jobs.

Around 1 p.m. checked my bank account only to discover that the check I thought would have cleared Friday won't clear until Monday.


But, like not big fuck. I still had some money.

Went to grocery store and bought food to make a fucking awesome two day feast.

Came home.

Made pene pasta with a sauce that I made with red pesto, white wine and cream fraiche.

Then I cooked up some boneless, skinless chicken breast to mix into the whole thing.

While that cooled, went to the Place de la Comedie and had a citron presse.

Came home and feasted while watching West Wing.

Found a porn site with fake C.J. Craig porn stuff.


Left home.

Ran into Brunette Lesbian, who at this point is living in the basement of her restaurant without plumbing. Gave her the keys to my place and told her that she could shower, shave and wash her clothes.

Went to Vert Anglais. Had three tanquery and tonics with The Iceman.

Retrieved my keys from Brunette Lesbian. Had a beer with her.

Went home. Checked email.

Was concerned that I had not a lot of money between now and Monday. Started cleaning the apartment. Found 5 euros in carpet cushions. Decided this was God's way of telling me to go out and have another beer.

Went out.

Ran into Famous Clapton Song. Had a great conversation with her where she admitted that she has a "crush on Rome Girl's cleavage."