August 3rd, 2007

The Unkindest Cut

Every September new female American students come to Montpellier. A fairly high number of them are excited because they want to bed an exotic Euro guy.

They do so, because Euro boys are just as slutty as American boys - and then a fair number of them freak the fuck out and decide to only bone American dudes from then on.


Because Euro dicks don't look like American cocks.

Of course this leaves the Euro boys confused - because, honestly, they just have the cocks god gave them and they know that not every guy in America is Jewish.

Anyway, that's just my lead in to this Jezebel story about circumcision.

The point of the story is that new studies show that the "uncut cocks are more sensitive" theory is bullshit.

What's more interesting, and funnier, are the comments below the post from girls who either say "uncut cocks - holy fuck do they smell bad" to "get over yourselves, bitches, cock is cock!"

So, ladies, what do you girls think?

Is a dick just a dick? Or is there a difference?

Almost Famous

R.Kelly to go on trial for banging an underage girl.

I think his defense should totally be:

"When the fuck did it become illegal in this country to bang groupies? If you put me away you better the fuck arrest Axl Rose, all of the members of Motley Crue, Lars Ulrich, Bowie, Marshall Mathers, David Lee Roth, and Mick Jagger. Fuck, man! Jagger got one of his 16 year old groupies pregnant and I don't see you rushing to lock him the fuck up!"

Remember, you only have to convince one person on the jury.

Seriously, dudes, Nikki Sixx, used to "make groupies get on their knees, lick cum out of your hands backstage and tell them to make a cat sound (Meow-meow) while doing it."

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