August 2nd, 2007

Tommy And Tuppence

WASHINGTON (AP) - Amtrak is trying to gin up new business by offering $100 in free alcohol to customers on some overnight trains.

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The offer of free drinks comes on top of the dinner wine that is already included in the cost of a ticket for GrandLuxe trips on the California Zephyr—chugging between Chicago and San Francisco—the Southwest Chief between Chicago and Los Angeles, or the Silver Meteor between Washington, D.C., and Miami or Orlando, Fla.

At about $6 for a house wine or $7 for a top-shelf scotch, that credit could fuel a long ride. The credit would not go nearly as far for, say, a $250 bottle of Dom Perignon—also available.

Christina Messa, vice president of marketing for GrandLuxe, said the drinks promotion is part of an effort to revive some of the luxury of old-fashioned, cross-country train trips.

The Name Game

If, say, Rome Girl, currently known as incuidicetutto was going to take advantage of Live Journals new thing where t hey let you change your LJ name for free should she change it to:

Drunken_ Ex_Pat_Girlfriend

or Rome_Girl

Or something more clever that you guys come up with...

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From The Freelance Job Boards

Project Description
I have an online GED class i need to finish by the 27th of august 1/4th of it is done but I just can't handle it its alot of work but im willling to give a nice pay there is around 30 to 35 assignments left everything has to do with english its a highschool class 12th grade.

Welcome To The Jungle

Appetite For Destruction was released 20 years ago today.

In honor of that Rolling Stone Magazine has dug up sex six performances from 1986 shot during the months when the album was being recorded.

They have 50 second snippets of each online - and it's very cool to see what these guys were like just before they became rock stars.

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