August 1st, 2007

Details Hits A New Low

I've always thought Details Magazine sucked. It's sort of always kind of been Maxim for guys who are too fucked up to buy a magazine with bikini girls on the cover.

This issue they hit a new low with their anal sex article.

Now, I have nothing against anal sex - lot of couples love it. But, you won't believe the incredible number of assholes (pun very, very, very much intended) that they interviewed for this piece.

For example:

Phillip, an engineer in Chicago, says he and his friends request a ride in the back seat because it's a harder-to-reach goal than old-fashioned intercourse. "Once a guy has anal sex, he's put on a pedestal by his peers," he says.


John (not his real name), 30, a writer in New York: "[It's] basically getting someone in a position where they're most vulnerable. My friends enjoy that and they tell their friends they did it. But it's not like girls are ready for it—it's something they do when they're really drunk."

And the photo illustration would piss off Larry Flynt.

La Vert Anglais

The Iceman talked me into going to the Vert Anglais tonight - and I am so happy he did.

The place used to be a French dive - but underwent new management a few weeks ago.

The change is astounding - and it may be set to become the best bar in Montpellier.

I had proper Tanquery Import gin and tonics (which I have not been able to get even in Paris) and the new manager says he's going to bring in more than ten types of gin and vodka and hopes to soon have a full cocktail menu with more than 50 or 60 different types of drinks - including proper American Martinis and New York Style Cosmos!

I think I have found a new favorite bar - because the difference between shit bottom shelf booze (which is the standard at almost every place here) and real cocktails is astounding.

And, they aren't charging that much more than the bars that sell Gordon's and Old Lady's gin.