July 31st, 2007

From The Freelance Job Boards

Project Description
I'm very busy, and just exiting a long realtionship. I'd like to start online dating, but I'm finding the writing, searching and corresponding to be very time consuming. So, what I'm looking for is someone (preferably female) to write/update and maintain my online profiles. I'd like it written in a way that would appeal most to women, naturally. Subsequent to that I'd like this person to impersonate me, by searching for, contacting and sifting through responses, to weed out the women actually worth seeing. At the point where she and I would meet, a brief summary to quickly bring me up to speed will be required.

This person must be a creative writer. a good judege of appearance, not shy about adult dating issues, and overall behave like a grown adult.

The desired result is that I have interesting dates, with attractive women, that open the door to whatever naturally follows.

This will be an ongoing project, with early milestones to determine if you are suited to the task. Indicators of success will be 2 dates in the first month, followed by 4 dates in subsequent months.


Squirt is suddenly acting like a normal cat.

This terrifies us.

Usually all she wants to do is sleep and then wrestle with my hand (preferably while biting me.) Sometimes she also likes to steal human food off our plates when we are not looking.

All day today, however, she's been totally cuddling with us, purring when we pet her head and acting like a cat in a Whiskas commercial.

She even let us rub her belly.

"Do you think it's weird," Rome Girl asked, "That when she acts like other cats we immediately assume she's dying?"