July 27th, 2007

From The Freelance Job Boards

Project Description
The Adventures of Jose
I need to get a comicbook style story about a superhero who is 10 years old. He speaks English and Spanish. He has superhero powers that include his ability to communicate in multiple languages. He live in the United States. he is a typical boy. Except for his superpowers.The family is fully bilingual. The parents mostly speak to the children is Spanish and the children mostly respond in English. Most of the conversation outside of the home is in English but throughout the episodes we see how both languages give the kids unexpected advantages.

Jorge is a normal boy who likes to play games outside and inside.

Father named Marco. He is an executive at a food processing company.

Mother named Gladys. She runs a home based graphic design company.

Sister named Millie. She is two years younger that bilingual boy. She dislikes almost every thing Jorge likes. She looks for ways to aggravate bilingual boy and to expose his secret identity.

Grandmom name Conchita lives with them. She only communicates in Spanish. she is old school.

Dog name Chuchi. She is a shitzu who has her own ideas about what she should and should not do.


Man, I haven't had a new freelance gig in nine days. My record without signing a job is 11 days so hopefully I'll find something soon.

I've been finding gigs for Rome Girl to do - but none of them are ones that I could do. They are copy editing jobs mostly and any regular reader of this blog knows that hiring me to check for proper spelling and grammar is up there with hiring Anakin Skywalker to protect young Jedis.

It makes me feel guilty, because I'm chilling and fucking around while she's working. She points out that the only reason she has jobs is because I work hard every day to find her jobs and people hire her because of my reputation. Still, I want to be fucking doing stuff myself.

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Squirt seems to be getting cuter by the day. It's hot so she's lost a lot of her coat and looks skinny and sleek.

This is a good thing.

Deep Thoughts

You know what?

If I was a young celebrity and into cocaine and drinking and partying every night, I wouldn't live in L.A.


Because L.A. is set up so you have to fucking drive everywhere. This is how you get caught.

I'd live in New York.

All you'd need is a halfway decent car service and you'd never have to worry about getting busted driving back from a club/house party/celebration of the eternal damnation of Loki ever again.

You could do all the coke and booze you wanted to in exclusive clubs and not be bothered by anyone except Dick Wolf offering you a cameo on Law & Order: Coked Up Starlett Unit or Danny DeVito asking for your autograph once in a while.

Then the fucking car service would take you home.

Sure, you might end up stuck at parties with Paglia or Sarah Jessica Parker once in a while, but can that really be any worse than being in L.A. and getting stuck at party talking to Quentin about classic Welcome Back Kotter reruns (you know this happens!)or with Gibson about the Jews.

I wish these ladies (and Robert Downey Jr.) would heed my wisdom.

Everybody's A Star

I am so in love with Joan Jett's album, "The Hit List", I actually feel bad for getting it off of Mininova. If it was possible I'd mail Joan a check for $17 - because that's how much I love this album.

It has her doing cover versions of "Have you ever seen the rain", "Let it bleed", "Love stinks", "Pretty Vacant" and, best of all, "Celluloid Heroes."

It's like heaven on a hard drive.

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