July 25th, 2007

Condom Blow Job Poll

In yesterday's post about the Durex XXL condoms I made a comment to the effect of "who the hell wears a condom for blow jobs?"

I said that because in my entire life on Earth no young lady had even suggested I wear a johnny when they took the one eyed wonder worm out for a whirl.

Then, a nice young lady commented that she does make her hook ups glove their love for their BJs.

It made me wonder.

Is my experience unique? Unusual? Generational?

So, spill the beans.

Guys how often, if ever, have girls made you wear a condom for a BJ?

Girls, how often, if ever, have you made a guy wear one?

Also, girls, if you make a guy wear one when you go down on him, do you use a dental dam when he goes down on you?

The Drunk Ex Pat Writer is curious and wants the low down on going down!