July 24th, 2007

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

I don't know why, but the crazier Britney gets the more I love her.

Case in point, according to TMZ, Britney was essentially on the nod during her exclusive interview with OK! Magazine yesterday.


1. Her eyes kept rolling into the back of her head to the point where "she looked dead."

2. This happened after "frequent bathroom breaks." Imagine that!

3. She kept muttering that the "ceiling was going to fall down" on her.

4. Wiped fried chicken on her Gucci dress.

5. Used another dress, this one a Chanel, to clean dog shit off the floor.

6. Would not let anyone - including hired makeup and hair people - touch her.

Rock on Britney!

Don't let the man tell you how to live your life!

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Celebrity Dead Pool

You know what Dead Pool is, right?

It's when you put out a list of celebrities and everyone has to pick who dies next.

Let's do it:

1. Paris

2. Lohan

3. Brit Brit

4. Keith Richards

5. Pete Doherty