July 20th, 2007

It's The Humidity

I love it when tourists come to France and assume that no one around them speaks English.

Case in point today - I'm sitting the Place de la Comedie and there are two 20 year old girls next to me.

One of them blurts out at the top of her lungs "My boobs are sweaty and my knickers are damp!"

I turned around and said, "Oh, really?"

She almost shrieked "You speak English????"

I don't think I've seen a person blush like that in quite a long time.

Drugs Suck

In general I am bored by all drugs. That includes pot, coke, smack, LSD, shrooms, etc..

I'm so bored that like when Rome Girl wants to get stoned with her friends I go off and do other things.

Because, like I just don't like being around stoned people.

Yet, every so often (like twice a year) I'm with friends who offer me good drugs. And each time I know I should say no, but sometimes I'm just drunk enough to say yes.

And each and every time I feel good for like an hour and then feel paranoid for like five hours and my girlfriend gets pissed off at me and then I wake up with a nose that is way fucking sore.

How the fuck do people do drugs all the time? Like, I think my nose feels like it could fall off right now - and that's after one night of being bad!