July 9th, 2007

Buy A Vowel

Was hanging out this afternoon at Travel Bar with a dude who was in Barcelona because his brother won the trip on Wheel of Fortune.

I don´t know why I find this cool, but I do.

I thought I was going to avoid travel bar today because I felt like I was bored of it, but stopped in anyway to ask them if they knew of a reasonable internet cafe around here (they didn´t) and then started talking to the dude.

It was fortuitous becaus I was rangingly hungover and then had a few pints w ith the dude and felt good again.

I really wanted to go to the zoo today but it has been threatening rain all day and did not want to spend 10 euros each way in a taxi there plus 15 euros to get in if was going to have to give it up and get rained on.

Still miss Rome Girl so much I don´t know exactly how to explain it.

But, I am having fun.