July 8th, 2007

Where You Going....

Best T-Shirt so far: "My girlfriend went to barcelona and all I got was crabs from the waiter she banged."

I love barcelona.

The only downside is that my hotel lied to me about it´s location. It is not in placa catalonya. It is on a weird backwater sidestreet that I was only able to find last night with the help of a policeman.

Yes, I´d been drinking, but the whole reason I picked what I thought was a central hotel location was so that I´would be able to find the place after drinking.

Fucking Catholics

One of the reasons I did this trip was because I need a new belt and a couple new shirts and I know that clothes are cheaper in spain than in france.

So I blocked out this afternoon to go to H and M and Marks and Sparks to get the job done - forgetting that it´s Sunday and only the tourist and chacky shops would be open.

This meant I didn´t get my main job done, but did see every tourist shop in Barcelona.

Two items that intrigue me

Almost every shop is selling a pair of panties that read "Eat Me Bitch" on the crotch. Who is the target market for this? Lesbians or girls with sub boyfriends?

The Dolce and Gabana (sp?) store is open. They are selling a bright pink T-shirt for 165 euros ($220) that reads, "I fuck anyone¨"

Can you think of anyone you know that would buy that?

I can´´t.