July 5th, 2007

Marathon Man

Sometimes I really love this country.

Yesterday one of Rome Girl's teeth started hurting like a motherfucker.

So, remembering that my former host sister's dad is a local dentist I had her call him up. He agreed to see Rome Girl first thing this morning.

Within 20 minutes he had her not only diagnosed with a cavity, but also had the cavity filled. He let me watch too - and let me tell you watching someone drill a tooth is some fun shit.

According to Rome Girl's blog it's less fun to be the one getting your tooth drilled.

When he was done I asked him how much we owed him and he said "She has to come in for a check up next week, we'll figure it out then."

He gave her a prescription for painkillers and when we got to the pharmacy, the prescription cost 1.2 euros.

So, we went from toothache to cavity filled in under a half hour and are less than two bucks out of pocket at the moment.

Beat that America!


I just sent off a draft of a salesletter for a book that's supposed to help "Empower Children So They Can Face The New Millennium."

It was only after I hit "send" that I realized that Word Autocorrect had changed it to "Empower Children So They Can Face The New Selenium."

Barcelona Requests

So... I can hold roughly 30 pictures on my phone camera.

What would you guys most like to see photowise on the blog when I get back:

1. Pictures of street performers?

2. Baby Giraffe

3. Tigers

4. Pictures of friend and I

5. Pictures of girls

7. Gaudi Stuff

8. Cool guitars and shit from hard rock cafe

9. Random hotties

10. The old port