July 3rd, 2007

Plans For Barcelona

I go to Barcelona on Saturday.

I'm a simple man with simple plans for this Catalan city:

1. Go to zoo. Stare at tigers for hours.

2. Once at zoo check out the brand new baby Giraffe!

3. Pulled pork sandwich at Hard Rock Cafe.

4. Bagel with Philly cream cheese at American bagel place.

5. Walk up and down las ramblas and watch street performers.

6. Spend hours looking at the exotic pet stores on las ramblas.

7. Seranno ham!!

8. One night at strip club. It only costs 20 bucks to get in and for that you get three free beers. And you don't tip the strippers, so it's actually a cheap three six hours at night. The girls get full nude, do live lesbian sex shows and pull ribbons out of their vaginas! The Barcelona strip clubs are the best argument yet for letting Bulgaria become part of the EU.

9. Baby back ribs at hard rock cafe.