July 2nd, 2007

My Dad Cracks Me Up

Excerpt from an email from my dad this morning:

Hi, Bart (and Rome Girl)

Hope things are going well and that the suicide bomb squads aren't thinking about blowing up the Comedie.
I think all of Europe is going to start deporting arabs long before Americans deport Mexicans. It is a lot easier to deport people who want to kill you than to deport people who want to rake your lawn.

Live Free Or Die Hard

"I'm so fucking glad this wasn't just six Yugoslavian guys with a bomb," Rome Girl said about a third of the way through our bootleg copy of Live Free or Die Hard.

"Holy fuck," she said about 15 minutes later. "That's Seth Bullock!"

"And," the DEPW noted, "That's Andre Drazen."

Seriously, though, who would have thought that Die Hard 4 would be this much fun. Isn't this the point in a series when the films are supposed to start sucking?

Instead you get the hero of Deadwood as the bad guy, the bad guy of 24 as one of the main good guys and Bruce Willis doing exactly what you want Bruce Willis to do in a film about cops, bad guys, explosions and guns.

This ain't Citizen Fucking Kane. It's an exploitation violence flick, but damn is it a good exploitation violence flick.

I say this as a dude who watched a bootleg copy of this on my computer tonight. I can't imagine how much fun it would be on a big screen in an actual movie theater.

While I was watching Live Free Or Die Hard I started thinking: "This is why 24 is so popular. After 9/11 Hollywood got terrified of making violence/explosion films. But violence/explosion films are fun! We need them in our popular lexion!"

At the end of the day that's what Live Free Or Die Hard is - a really good double episode of 24 without the torture.

And holy mother of fuck is it a fun ride.

Yippy-Ki-Yay, Motherfuckers!

"Never Trust A Hippie"

I have to say, 30 years later and Johnny "Rotten" Lydon is still an amusing anarchist as demonstrated in this " recent interview.

‘Rolling Stone’ is the complete dogs bollocks of establishment but it likes to pretend it’s very lefty and trendy. Which it isn’t. It’s as bourgeois as ever. It really is pompous. It’s Clinton’s Saxophone! (laughs) It’s written for a smug kind of in-crowd. It’s for like Hippies I suppose from that generation; that have grown up into corporate lawyers. And this is the kind of way they like to read about their music. I think though, they especially picked us out for a slamming. Which to my mind shows an undercurrent of affection for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; rather than the band. It’s more celebrating the museum than the actual artifact.

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