July 1st, 2007

Out With The Girls!

Yesterday when I finished work I went over to Mi Barrio and hung out with Rome Girl, Blonde Lesbian, The Dirty Baker, Emma's Sexy Mom, Big Dave's Babe and Cute Scottish Babe.

It was fun being the only boy.

Feel The Hate

So, as you probably know a couple of douchebags enterprising souls have put up a website where they say they will abort their unborn child if people don't send them $50,000 via PayPal to help pay for the thing's upbringing.

Take that Christian Right!

What's even weirder though is that they have, of course, gotten a shitload of hate mail which they have posted

A lot of it is hilarious:

The only thing Im having trouble dicerning is what race you are. Your obviously
poor, unable to afford housing, a car or health insurance which leads me to believe
your a nigger, but this scam could never be cooked up by a nigger, they are just too
stupid. If you were a filthy mexican wetback, your financial situation would have no
impact on your decision to have a baby. In fact, if you were a spic beaner the
poorer you were the more kids you would be likely to have. You must be young because
your callous disregard for human life could only be by a Gen Y or Gen X'r. My guess
is your a twenty something white kid who probably still lives with his parents and
keeps a box of tissues within close proximity of his computer so as to make easy
clean up after spanking it to internet porn. There is no decision to be made about
abortions because you cant get a blow up doll pregnant.