June 30th, 2007


Rome Girl is going nuts reading reports and watching videos about the iPhone.

I don't get it.

Why spend $599 on a cell phone when you can get a perfectly good one for like $100?

I've never seen her do anything with a cell phone other than call people and send texts.

I mean I get wanting cool techno things.

For example, I'd kill for a device that I could run through my TV and DVD player if it would let me isolate tracks/instruments on concert films I watch (to, say, figure out exactly which riffs are Kirk's and which are done by James), but if I spent the money on it, I'd at least be doing something with it that I can't do without it.

But it looks to me like if you got the iPhone you'd still be making phone calls and sending text messages.

You'd just be doing it on a touchpad instead of with a series of buttons.

What am I missing here, people?

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So, bart_calendar, your LiveJournal reveals...

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Your overall weirdness is: 40

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