June 28th, 2007

Works And Plays Well Together

On Monday I was so bored with one of my jobs that I thought I was going to scream. Rome Girl offered to take a look at it and had it wrapped up in a couple hours.

Yesterday, she reached the same level of frustration with one of her clients - so I spent the last few hours doing the finishing touches on that job for her.

"Oh, my fucking god," she said, when I handed her the final file. "You are the best."

Now I'm listening to AOL Metallica Radio, which is the best thing I've found on the Internet in a long time.

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After today's session I've realized that therapy really does make you better.

I don't mean I'm "better" in the sense that I'm anywhere near cured.

I mean that I'm "better" in the sense that I feel "better" than I felt last month.

And I'm pretty sure it's better to feel better than it is to feel worse.