June 26th, 2007


After spending an hour talking to my shrink about my little brother, The Idiot Child, I met Blonde Lesbian, Emma's Sexy Mom and Big Dave's Babe at Mi Barrio.

For once, we spoke almost entirely in French, which was a nice novelty.

Columbian Babe was our barmaid and she was more than generous with the drinky-poos - also a nice thing.

Afterwards I came home and Rome Girl made an awesome chicken and pasta dish. I think she's trying to fatten me up so that other girls will stay away and not be too awed by my awesome masculinity.

Then we watched some more of Season Three of SVU. Eventually we'll be caught up with you guys on Law And Order. At the moment it's like living in a time warp.

I had a nice chilled time today in the Place de la Comedie drinking cafe and lemonade. Does this mean I'm becoming an old tosser?

Now I'm writing an ad for a device that tracks PPC campaigns. Tomorrow it's back to writing the Ancient Secrets To Female Orgasms e-book.

Debbie Does...

One of my best female friends just launched a new website under a pseudonym.

Anyway she doesn't want her real name posted with it because she's still creating her online persona.

That said, she'd really like traffic and links and her site is really, really cool.

So, please click on Debbie Does Dating and see what you think!

And remember, what they said to the silly rabbit...

(no subject)

I really don't like the new look Elance has given itself, particularly in the way it presents my freelance profile.

It used to let us use our logo and give a brief history of what we do.

Now it just sorta looks like a long eBay listing.