June 23rd, 2007


Last night at Mi Barrio we were all sitting around trying to debate who would play us if they ever made "Montpellier - The Motion Picture."

There was universal agreement that I should be played by Robert Downy Jr.

We think the girl who plays "Callie" on Grey's Anatomy should play Rome Girl and the guy who plays John Locke on Lost should play The Iceman.

The girl who plays "Alice" on The L Word would be Blonde Lesbian and Brenda Blevin from Saving Grace would be the Dirty Baker. Kim Bassinger would play Emma's Sexy Mom.

Who would play you and your friends in your own movie?


This afternoon when I realized I was not in the head to get work done I picked up a book and went out on my own and just sipped beer, felt the sun on my back and ignored the world.

I used to do that a lot when I was single (though at the time with vodka instead of beer) and I'd forgotten how nice and calming it is to just get a little bit buzzed and stare at a book and be out but not interacting with people.

I like that I now have a lot of people to hang out with when I got out and drink with and stuff and that I have an awesome girlfriend, but I think I need more of the sipping beer and reading outside "me time" in my life.