June 22nd, 2007

Fete de la Musique

Started out at Bar St. Roch where they were blasting reggae music really loudly. It took about an hour or so for everyone we were meeting to arrive at the bar, so by the time we were ready to go I was writing joke reggae lyrics in my mind like "Passing the blunt all around/gonna bury whitey in the ground."

Then we - Me, Rome Girl, Blonde Lesbian, Big Dave, Big Dave's Babe, Hippy IT Boy and The Dirty Baker - started making the rounds. There was a lot of reggae music this year, so it must be trendy or something.

We saw a decent blues band, but the highlight of the night was an AC/DC cover band behind the Church St. Roch.

I felt a little bad for Rome Girl because The Dirty Baker and I are huge AC/DC fans and Rome Girl really only knows "You Shook Me All Night Long" and "(For Those About To Rock) We Salute You!"

The did a great version of Dirty Deeds.

We left around midnight or so because I was getting a little bit crowd paranoid, so I took a Xanax and called it a night.

Las Ramblas

As a reward for taking my meds every day and agreeing to go to a shrink Rome Girl helped me find dirt cheap tickets to Barcelona next month. I got a bus there for 25 each way and a hotel room for 30 bucks a night!

I'll be there for three nights starting July 7 if anyone else is going to be near there. It will be about my 16th or 17th trip. It's where I go when I get stir crazy in Montpellier, which is the case at the moment.

What sucks is that Patti Smith is playing Barcelona this weekend - but the train and bus tickets cost a fucking fortune if you buy them at the last minute.

Rod Stewart will be playing when I'm there, but I'd only see him if I could know exactly when he's going to play Maggie May and show just to hear that song and then leave. Nothing could make me sit through "Do You Think I'm Sexy."

I actually often end up saving money when I'm in Barcelona because both beer and cigs are half the price they are in France. You have no idea how much it effects my budget when I'm paying 2.2 euros for a pack of cigs instead of 5.5 and am paying 2.5 euros for a beer instead of 6 euros.

Since I've done all the sights in Barcelona over and over again my main plan is to spend a lot of time looking at the tigers in the zoo (I can watch tigers for hours on end) and eating the wonderful American junk food available at the hard rock cafe.

At least one night I'll treat myself to watching the strippers in my favorite brothel. They have one girl there who can pull several yards of ribbons out of her pussy.

It's fun to watch.