June 20th, 2007

Rugby World Cup Montpellier Apartment Cable WiFi Center Of Town Centre Ville Austrailian Fans

The Rugby World Cup this year will be held in Montpellier and it occurred to us and Blonde Lesbian that since most of the Australia games will be played here and all the hotels are booked up, some of the fans may be looking for places to stay.

So, Rome is building a blog site to find Australian fans looking for a place to stay or an apartment in Montpellier during the Rugby World Cup

Blonde Lez wants to rent her place out for the month, as do we.

Anyone (mel_blog for example) have any idea what Australian fans might pay for a big apartment with cable and Internet access?

Also, can you think of any other "interests" we should add to the LJ profile to make it more searchable and attract Australian Rugby World Cup fans looking for an apartment in Montpellier for the month?

The entire Austrailian rugby team will be staying within walking distance of our apartments, if that's a selling point.

Does Education Matter?

For most of the course of human history the point of education or learning was to acquire a trade. In other words either you or your family invested time or money (depending on whether you went to university or did an apprenticeship) so that you could eventually use your time to make money.

This meant that education was about practical skills. The artists amongst us simply did their art or spent time learning at the seat of a master.

All this changed at some point after World War II, where suddenly if you wanted to do anything with your life beyond pumping gas or working at Wal Mart there was intense social pressure to go to college.

So we all went off, artists and practical folk alike.

But, sometimes I wonder if there was any point in the arty folk (myself included) in going to college (other than having four plus years on the parental tit.)

It strikes me that in general the best and most successful artists are not the ones who went to school for their art, it's the ones who simply immersed themselves in it.


Charles Bukowski. Lived as drunken bum and/or worked in a post office. Read everything ever written and then just fucking wrote.

Jagger/Richards. Just kept listening to old blues songs until they "got it" then mimicked it at first and then later just did it.

Tarantino/Rodriquez. Sat in a video store watching every movie ever made until they figured out how to make movies.

Brett Ellis. Read Hemmingway over and over and over and over and over again in his teens. Then became Brett Ellis when he was a sophomore at college with "Less Than Zero."

James Ellroy. Dropped out of school at like age 11 or 12, became a professional drug addict and panty thief and then went to jail. Somehow came out and wrote American Tabloid which is one of the Great American Novels.

I could go on...

But what do you think?