June 17th, 2007

Kiss, Fuck Or Kill Part Six

Classic Edition. Pick one to fuck, one to kiss and one to kill. Assume all people listed are in their prime.

For the Girls and Gays:

Clark Gable
Humphrey Bogart
Cary Grant

For the Guys and Lezzers

Marilyn Monroe
Lana Turner
Grace Kelly


"Writing this site is making me hungry," Rome Girl said.

"Really," said DEPW

"Yes, I want him to FedEx me this stuff now," she continued. "He's selling bourbon roast pork, spiral cut honey ham. It's all yummy. What could be better?"

"Take a look at the reference site my client gave me," DEPW said. "It's pretty yummy too."

My New Space

Rome Girl's teenaged cousins and shit are on MySpace so she asked me to go through my profile and get rid of references to "fucking" and "eating pussy" and sex related stuff so she could add both them and me to her myspace profile without her family thinking I'm a sex freak.

So, after a Martini and a Gin and Tonic, I had a little fun with "my interests," "about me" and "who I'd like to meet."

The result.

Rock And Roll Geek Post

Having taken Rome Girl through most of the Rolling Stones catalog over the past few weeks we've come to a few conclusions:

1. She hates essentially every song that Brian Jones touched and thinks they are pop music and/or novelty songs to show off how he can play weird instruments.

2. She loves almost every song that is Keith/Mick driven. Particularly on the albums where Brian Jones was sorta in the band but too fucked up to do anything or when Mick Taylor was in the band but too pissed off at The Glimmer Twins to really do anything.

3. Her words: "I don't get why real stones fans don't hate the popular shit like "Satisfaction." This is a fucking great blues band. I had no idea they could sound like this, why the fuck don't they always sound like this?"

4. She thinks that up until "Let It Bleed" they were really not that sure of themselves and sorta trying to copy the Beatles, the Beach Boys, etc... to find their niche.

5. She prefers the songs where Keith plays 12 string or tight six string acoustic to the songs where he plays electric guitar.