June 16th, 2007

Half A Grindhouse

In Europe they've decided to break Grindhouse down into two movies on the theory that EU people have no clue what a double feature is.

Strangely they have released the car film before the zombie film, even thought my understanding is that the car film came second in the original film.

EDIT: Just found out that to make it a stand alone film they added more than a half hour of dialouge near the begining of the film. So, the car film I saw was not exactly the car film you guys saw.

Anyway last night Rome Girl and I went to see "Road of Death" (what they are calling it here, no clue if that's what it was called in America.)

My thoughts:

1. Man does that first part of the film with the girls talking go on fucking forever.

2. The text messaging is interesting. Up until that point the film could have been set in the 1970s. I wonder why he brings you out of the era like that?

3. I love how every women in the film is hot, but each in a unique non-Hollywood way.

4. The car chase scenes = awesome.

5. I would have liked to have seen the girls try to return the car to the farmer.

6. So, Q really does have a foot fetish. I've never seen more female feet on display in my life.

7. I love all the ass.

8. "I've got some other fashion magazines under the counter," made me almost piss myself laughing.

9. Is this what austin bars are really like? If so, I want to go to austin.

10. Did I mention how much I loved the girls?


Made an appointment with the witch doctor shrink for next Friday.

She also treats Cute Scottish Babe and Blonde Lesbian, which should be interesting.

Since our lives are so intertwined she's likely to sometimes hear the same stories from three different points of view. Plus, Rome Girl says she may want to eventually go and Miss Darling was teasing about going herself.

"This lady's going to want to write a blog," The Divine Miss D joked.

Kiss Fuck Or Kill Take Five

So, the ugly person version of the game was not so popular. Oh well. Back to pretty people. You know the rules, one to kiss, one to fuck, one to kill.

For the Guys and Lezzers

Jennifer Tilly
Rose McGowen
Christina Ricci

For the Girls and Gays

Lyle Lovett
Kiefer Sutherland
Rick Schroder

And Rossi

Got into a mood where I needed a proper Martini before dinner so I went out to Shoppi for gin.

The best they had was Gordon's. I usually pass on Gordon's but my only other option was called "Old Lady" and just looked like it had been made in Honduras or something.

So, now I'm sipping an ice cold gin Martini.

In front of me in line was a dude who was buying two bottles of rum and one bottle of orange juice.

Now, I'm a heavy drinker, but even I think you need at least as much juice as you do rum.

But, that's just me.