June 11th, 2007

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

We both woke up early Sunday and started working, because Rome Girl wanted to wrap up one job and I needed to play catch up on projects I'm behind on.

Then, around 3 or so we wrapped up, went out, met Blonde Lesbian and her gay friend, New Bond Actor.

They regaled us with stories of Gay Pride and Villa Rouge.

"It took me an hour to scrape the crust off my foreskin this morning," New Bond Actor said.

Apparently he'd spent a few hours in Villa Rouge's "dark room" and gotten himself four blow jobs over a two hour period.

"You were really able to get off four times," Miss Darling asked him later on. "Fuck! Why can't straight boys be like that!"

"It was odd," he said. "I'm usually the one giving the blow jobs."

I guess gay French boys are capable of bringing out the top in British bottoms.

We eventually made our way to The Dirty Baker's house for Pork Fest. She had two "Men of France" nuddie calendar's that New Bond Actor and the straight girls were very impressed by.

In fact, they decided to hang the calendar up above the table and flip it to a new naked boy picture every hour on the hour.

Miss Darling and I then spent a good deal of time talking about Patricia Highsmith's Ripley books and decided we need to lend them to Blonde Lesbian.

This kept up until one of the various little kids running around decided to taunt Miss Darling with a spider.

This did not go over well, but kept us distracted until the Pork Fest started.

Everyone was astounded that Rome Girl had never eating "Crackling" before.

I had to explain that in America (in the northeast at least) it can be very hard to find a pork roast that is capable of making crackling - which is essentially the roasted outer layer of fat from a pig, that most American butchers trim off.

It ends up becoming hard and yet juicy with the consistency of a potato chip.

"It's awesome," was how Rome Girl described it.

We then went home and watched more Grey's Anatomy.

We got to the part where it looks like Meridith Grey is dead.

I'm tempted to stop watching it now - because how could the show possibly get better than watching that bitch drown?

Dark Rooms

As someone who often writes gay porn but is very rarely in gay bars I've always heard rumors about "back rooms" or "dark rooms" where the blokes go off after a few pints for annonymous wanks, blow jobs and buggery.

Of course, I've never really known if such places existed, were part of urban legend or some passing fancy that disappeared in the Regan era.

After all, having gay friends is one thing, but saying "Just what do you do in a gay bar," is quite another.

Sure, we've all heard about the infamous Piss Bath in the back room of Cock in Manhatten, but who has really investigated it?

Therefore I was interested in hearing New Bond Actor talk about the "dark room" at Villa Rouge during Gay Pride.

Aparently it was a sealed off area - where women were not allowed - that guys walked into and were then confronted by three poorly lit rooms with benches in the middle.

Guys were on the benches waiting for blow jobs, off in the corners getting buggered or giving blow jobs, etc..

No one really talked to each other, they just made eye contact and then went up to each other and got it on, or walked away.

So, now I know that these areas at least do exist at some level, but am still curious:

1. How common are they?

2. Do similar areas exist in lesbian bars. If not, why not?

3. What do you think they smell like at closing time?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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Surprisingly Work Safe

In order to make a statement against censorship an artist - French I think - took a bunch of hard core porn photos and then painted over the girls to turn them into works of art.

The result is not only beautiful, and 100 percent safe for work, but a really interesting photo essay on the ridiculousness of what is porn and what is art and how they aren't really that different.