June 4th, 2007


Miss Brown slept almost the entire day because she was wiped out after hanging out with The Iceman and I Saturday night.

I got much more work done than I expected and then hung out with Emma's Sexy Mom, Miss Darling, Blonde Lesbian, Lurch's Ex Wife, Mizo, Rome Girl, The Iceman, Big Dave and a variety of hangers on.

We practically took over Bar St. Roch.

Rome Girl gave Miss Darling and Blonde Lesbian some of my Xanax, and they were impressed with the results.

"What exactly do I have to tell my doctor to get this," was Miss Darling's comment.

"Trust me," I said. "Just be yourself."

From The Freelance Job Boards

Project Description

"Are you a narcotics officer in Latin America? North America?"
Are you a narcotics dealer in Latin America, North America or Asia?
Are you a drug cultivator?
Were you growing opium in Afghanistan before the invasions by troops from USA, Canada, and other countries?
Are you cultivating or processing coca leaves into cocaine in Columbia, or elsewhere?
Are you a mule transporting drugs?
Were your family members murdered in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico or elsewhere because of drug trafficking?
Have you murdered for drugs?
Have you sold your body for drugs?

Have you seen the innocent suffer?
This project is to write DRAMATIC stories, based on these experiences, preferably inspired by true stories. Some exaggeration is okay.
Stories should be VIVID, graphic, even sickening at times.
Ideally the stories are about you, although they could be about people you know very well.

Names should be changed.

Moment Of Zen

Small moment of pure heaven about 20 minutes ago:

It's about 85 degrees. I was drinking an ice cold freshly made orange smoothie. The Xanax was just kicking in and I took a drag off a cigarette right when a girl in a very short skirt walked by.

I could not have been happier.

Brett's Second Book

For the past two weeks the freelance job boards have been almost flooded with people looking for someone to write shit based on The Law Of Attraction.

As best I can tell this is some new age crap where you think happy thoughts and become wealthy and married to Kathy Ireland.

I have two questions:

1. Why the sudden interest in this shit?

2. Don't these people get that if you are looking for people who know how to attract wealth that the freelance writing job boards might be the worst place in the world to look for them?

The Crazy 8s

I think some genius rock promoter should one day put together an "all crazy" supergroup.

The premise would be that all of the band members are both world famous and completely reliably nut jobs. They'd maybe make two great songs and then blow off like 95 percent of their gigs - but if you managed to make it into the one gig in 20 where they were all willing to turn up and not kill each other you'd feel so special.

If you were the promoter who would you put in the group (living or dead since we are in fantasy land.)

I'm thinking:

Axl Rose - Vocals

Stewart Copeland Keith Moon - Drums

Brian Jones - Guitar

Elton John - Piano/Backing Vocals

Rick Danko Liam Gallagher - Bass

Courtney Love - Backing Vocals