June 3rd, 2007

Fun Saturday

Saturday was awesome.

Got work done and got paid by some clients. Eventually the girls came out into town and we checked out the huge Italian Booksellers Convention in the Place de la Comedie.

The girls - both Italian Americans - were beyond impressed.

Meanwhile, my brain was thinking about things I'd like to do to sword weilding Japansese schoolgirls. Or have them do to me.

Then The Iceman came into town and took us out to the campsite where they were having a pallea (sp?) festival. It was so quiet and breezy and nice.

The guys at the campsite were playing a game that was a lot like boules, but involved heavy bronze coins instead of balls.

They invited the girls to play and a good time was had by all. The girls couldn't believe that the restaurant was playing stuff like Thriller without irony.

It was by far the most French thing Miss Brown has done on this trip and, honestly, the most French thing I've done in a while.

When The Iceman drove us home the girls went straight to bed and I took the Iceman for a quick beer at The Fizz (an after hours club) to thank him.

The xanax is still flooding my mind with dirty thoughts, in a good way, which made the whole variety of sights and sounds and places of the day that much more delightful.

Chic Lit

After wandering the book convention yesterday we all started talking about books.

I'm sure that shocks you.

Anyway, one of the things that we were talking about is how many "chick lit" types books are everywhere these days. The girls, in general, bemoaned at how awful chick lit is.

I begged to differ. I think chick lit today does suck, but because I've been an avid reader since I was like 12 and because I'll read anything I know that chick lit can be better.

The example I gave was "Lace" which is one of the best trashy books ever written but also clearly chick lit. I think I read it at least 30 times. I was astounded that neither of the girls ever had.

"I would never buy a book with a name like that," Rome Girl said.

Now, I clearly need to find her a copy of the book - and you should find a copy for yourselves.

The premise is simple. It sets you up with four fabulously successful women in their early 40s having dinner or cocktails or something together.

Then, in walks a stunningly gorgeous woman in her early 20s who says "Which one of your bitches is my mother."

The rest of the book is spent talking about the lives of these women when they were younger - and let's just say that they were naughty, naughty girls.

It has violence. It has sex. It has feelings.

But, best of all it's really, really bitchy and really really catty.

You'll have a blast.


Did anyone else notice an increase in the number and kinkiness level of their sex dreams when they started mind meds?

(no subject)

There is a sign on the manga store today saying that the CosPlay people are going to do "Dance Dance Revolution CosPlay" in the Place de la Comedie this afternoon.

I'd go, but I don't think the real thing can posibly be better than how I'm visualizing it in my head.