May 31st, 2007

Cool And Collected

I'm at that point now where the meds are evening out and instead of making me high, simply make me happy and at peace with the world.

Life seems so fucking fun.

Rome Girl spent the day working and running Calendar Communications yesterday as penence for fucking up our Internet connection (which won't be back on until next week at least.)

Meanwhile I chilled out and eventually met up with Emma's Sexy Mom, The Dirty Baker, The Iceman and Miss Brown.

We sipped drinks at Bar St. Roch for hours. When Rome Girl finished up work we all went to Fitzpatrick's Irish Pub and spent a couple hours teaching Miss Brown how to play backgammon.

Part of the Xanax side effects are an odd change to my libido.

I wouldn't say that it increases it exactly. It's not like I want to fuck every woman I see, but it does make me want to hold, kiss, touch and smell almost all the girls I run into.

It's like every female looks prettier and just fucking kissable. I'm a total cuddle bunny.

I think if a babe let me start going down on her I would just want to lick her pussy and ass for hours until I drowned in her juices.